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There’s no news like… News?

There be interesting news afoot! Though we (well, Dylan) have commitments to the organization of the Oregon Trail Rally, we have started preparations for Rally Idaho in June, and hopefully following it, the Nameless Rally. I’ll elaborate more on that later. Tonight, we have other things on our minds…

It was disappointing to hear that Rally America refused to let the Olympus Rally folks hold their event. This reeks of RA trying to make an example of them since they elected to not be part of the national championship this year. It is unfortunate that a national sanctioning body would choose to behave like a child and throw a tantrum over an event opting to go their own way. With the increases in sanction and insurance fees this year, we can’t blame the Oly folks. Given the choice between struggling, still not knowing if we could get enough entries to break even, and knowing for sure that our event would break even so we could put on another awesome event, the path sure seems clear. None of the organizers do this for profit, and none of the ones that we know about get paid to be organizers. All of this is done for the love of the sport; to ensure that stage rally in the US continues to happen.

Because of all this drama, we have decided not to give RA a single dollar of our money if it can be helped. We still will do everything we can to support the organizers and events that are part of the national series, since the national events help to boost the visibility of the sport, and many of the organizers host regional events as well, but our hard earned dollars won’t go to pad the pockets of people who care nothing of the sport, and only of the bottom line.

In rally we trust.