Fresh Starts

Now that 2013 has arrived, it was time for a fresh start both the team, and our website. We hope you’ll come along with us for the ride!

While I myself had big plans for the team circa 2008, alas the economy did not. Despite my best efforts, financial hurdles and limited free time prevented much in the way of forward progress. For the last few years, the Corolla and MR2 have sat in storage in various states of disrepair and dis-assembly, waiting for me to find the time and money to restore them to something resembling a working race vehicle. There were so many roadblocks that, for a while at least, I was sure that I might never finish them, and even had the Corolla up for sale for a few months.

I’ve focused instead on the organizational side of motorsports, which I’d thought had further limited my opportunities to get out and compete again. I put my desires on the back burner in favor of insuring that others are able to come out have safe and fun events that are run in a professional manner. This experience has however been very enlightening and has given me an exceptional amount of respect for the organizers, crews, and especially the volunteers who pour so much of their time into making rally happen. What I’d originally thought a consolation to competing has turned out to unquestionably be the basis of my return. I can’t thank all of them enough.

I’m happy to announce progress is once again being made. We are in the process of building some exciting new partnerships, as well as reinforcing and expanding some old ones. We have developed short and long term plans, and are seeing them becoming realities faster than we ever expected. If you notice, I say ‘we’ as the team has added some new faces who are as passionate about motorsports as I am. With our combined enthusiasm, skill, experience, and resources, we are closer than ever to achieving what we’d set out to do in 2007.

Stay tuned for upcoming team bios, sponsor announcements, and *fingers crossed* posts and videos about upcoming events!