John Hoyenga – Technical Director

johnhoyengaJohn Hoyenga is the team’s Technical Director, aka our Maester of metallurgy, Duke of dampers, Earl of ECUs, and Count of chassis configuration.

Between having a highly calibrated eyeball (demonstrated 0.1º resolution!), always being able to find a solution to any challenge, and having a work ethic and production acumen of a robot ox, John is key to not only the design and construction of race chassis, but also the wizard behind the curtain when it comes to setting them up and translating on-road data into adjustment values.

John has both the scientific knowledge and real-world experience to look at a problem from all viewpoints and develop a splendidly overbuilt yet efficient solution.

Having spent his entire career in the fabrication industry, the majority of which has been spent in automotive component design and production manufacturing, John has the skill and knowledge necessary to build and run a top-notch race car.

Like the rest of the team, John is an avid car enthusiast, and a well seasoned driver, coming soon to a stage near you.

He’s got a list of welding certifications as long as your arm also.